Friday, March 14, 2008

A Few Things

A few things in the works:

Coming out in May is Phil Cousineau's new book, Stoking the Creative Fires. My painting is illustrated on the cover and the book also contains two interviews with me about the creative process as well as two other paintings.

Cousineau's Stoking the Creative Fires

Inquiring Mind, a Berkeley based journal, will be using one of my paintings, A Balance of Shadows in their upcoming issue.

Inquiring Mind

An artist in Italy has created a project based on Raymond Carver's poem, The Painter and the Fish. If you go to the project website (link below), you'll see he includes my thoughts on Raymond Carver.

Febbraio 15, 2008, 9:21 pm
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“While I’m working on an artwork I don’t just settle for the middle ground or main image. I work the edges and the spaces between. I am hoping to create works that breathe across the whole surface. I desire to find a point of “satori”, a place of spiritual balance within the work itself. There is a need within my painting to let go and trust the inner process. When I reach this point, time loses its power, my senses are heightened. I just paint. It could be minutes, or hours; it is the work and I. Raymond Carver in his amazing poem, The Painter and the Fish describes this sort of artistic epiphany”.

The Painter and the Fish

My exhibition in Park City went very well and now I am in the studio creating my next body of work as well as a large commission.

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