Monday, August 19, 2019

Western Stars - Official Trailer

Einstein's Dreams

Gregg Chadwick
Einstein's Dreams
48"x36" oil on linen 2019 

Good Morning! Things move at the speed of light in my studio. Getting ready for my next exhibition. Excited to let you know that I will have a booth at The Other Art Fair September 5-8, 2019 in Santa Monica at Barker Hangar. 
And I will be exhibiting at the inaugural 
The Other Art Fair in Dallas September 19-22, 2019.

My new painting “Einstein’s Dreams” shifts the focus to the nature of time itself. 

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Friday, August 02, 2019

Please Join Gregg Chadwick For An Artist Talk At Castelli Art Space


Surf & Turf Artist Talk and Tour at Castelli Art Space
August 10, 2019

Please join us at Castelli Art Space on Saturday, August 10th, 3-6pm for the Surf & Turf Artist Talk & Tour -

LA as Muse: How the city and it's diverse neighborhoods and cultures influence art today

Open 3-6, Curator and Artist Talk and Walkabout, 3:30-4:30

(In Conjunction with the Culver City Art Walk)


Featuring New Paintings About Los Angeles by Gregg Chadwick,
 Brooke Harker, Gay Summer Rick, Teale Hatheway,  Alex Schaefer, and John Kilduff

Castelli Art Space 
5428 West Washington Blvd,
Los Angeles CA, 90016
Please RSVP here for your free tickets.


About Gregg Chadwick's L.A. Inspired Art

“Tonight the riders on Sunset are smothered in the Santa Ana winds
And the western stars are shining bright again”
- Bruce Springsteen, Western Stars

My new paintings in Surf & Turf at Castelli Art Space are crafted as magic lenses that combine the past, present, and future of Los Angeles. The clear daylight of Los Angeles brought the movie studios out west. And the neon soaked nocturnal light lured writers into the shadows of L.A. As a 17 year old art student at UCLA, I embraced the flickering cinematic light of Hollywood and the poetic light of night and day in the City of Angels.  I am continuously inspired by the diversity, history, and beauty of greater Los Angeles.

Gregg Chadwick
Los Angeles Inspired Artwork at Castelli Art Space

Castelli Art Space
5428 West Washington Blvd,
Los Angeles CA, 90016

Gallery hours are Tuesday - Friday 10-5

“Surf & Turf “ 

Saturday August 10th, 3-6 pm  Artists Walk & Talk:
LA as Muse: How the city and it's diverse neighborhoods and cultures influence art today

Closing Reception - Saturday, August 17th, 5-8 pm

More on Gregg Chadwick's Artwork.