Thursday, September 30, 2021

Stevie Van Zandt shares stories from his new memoir, “Unrequited Infatuations”

From the Washington Post: Acclaimed rock-and-roll guitarist, music producer, solo artist and “The Sopranos” actor, Stevie Van Zandt rose to fame touring the world with Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band. In his new memoir, “Unrequited Infatuations,” Van Zandt chronicles the twists and turns of his nearly nonstop career since the mid-1960s. The musician turned activist turned actor joins Washington Post opinion columnist Jonathan Capehart to share stories from his unique life journey."

Monk Station


Gregg Chadwick
Monk Station
30"x30"oil on linen 2020

"Move towards the light", a friend said to me as we wandered the streets of Montreal on a crisp spring afternoon. My painting "Monk Station" is inspired by that day and depicts a saffron robed pilgrim in a 21st century urban moment. The monk is moving towards the light. Set in a subway station in Montreal, this painting looks at the place of the spirit in our fast paced lives.

Honored that "Monk Station" was curated into Los Angeles Latest Collections by Briana Salatino, Fair Assistant at The Other Art Fair:

Direct Link at

Thanks again to everyone who enjoyed my paintings at @theotherartfair

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen - Wasted Days (Official Video)

Homage to Frida Kahlo


Gregg Chadwick
10"x10"oil on cigar box 2021
Private Collection Los Angeles

My oil on wood cigar box painting of Frida Kahlo is the latest in a series of artworks that amplifies the shared culture between Mexico and the United States. Frida was a dynamo. Her artworks explore the realms of myth, memory, and physical reality in groundbreaking ways. My latest portrait of Frida is an homage to her work and influence.

My painting imagines Frida when she lived in San Francisco. In 1930-31 Frida and Diego Rivera lived at 716 Montgomery Street in San Francisco, just down the hill from North Beach and Chinatown. Frida met and created with a group of artists who energized her creative process. KQED notes that "For six months, the couple stayed at the studio of Rivera’s old classmate and friend, sculptor Ralph Stackpole, who introduced them to an eclectic group of writers, painters and photographers." For a number of years, I lived in San Francisco at the corner of Green and Montgomery streets. I would often walk down the steep hill on Montgomery towards the Transamerica building and imagine Frida living in my neighborhood. More on Frida in San Francisco in the marvelous program and article by KQED - Inside Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's Life in San Francisco

Exhibited and sold at The Other Art Fair Los Angeles at Barker Hangar September 2021. Thank you to all my collectors and followers. I so appreciate your interest in my artwork.

Thanks to everyone who commented on and enjoyed the painting at @theotherartfair

Prints available at Chadwick-Frida-Kahlo

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Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo at the garden of Luther Burbank in Santa Rosa 
(Luther Burbank Home & Gardens Collection--Sonoma County Library Digital Collections)

Monday, September 27, 2021

Tax the Rich


Gregg Chadwick
12"x9"oil on panel 2021

Congressional Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez created headlines around the globe with her Tax the Rich Dress worn at the 2021 Met Gala.

The socially provocative dress was designed by Aurora James who said in the New York Times: Listen, it would be a lot easier to go to the Met Gala and just wear a really beautiful dress and look really beautiful and have a good time. But that was not her intention, right? Her intention was to take a conversation that’s largely existing in working-class communities and bring it into rooms where that conversation might be a little bit more uncomfortable. It’s not easy to show up in a room like that, with a statement like that.

There’s a lot of people who gain access to rooms like that and are too afraid to rock the boat."

My painting celebrates AOC, Aurora James, and everyone rocking the boat. Thanks to everyone who commented on and enjoyed the painting at @theotherartfair

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Friday, September 17, 2021

You Are Invited to Gregg Chadwick's Exhibit at The Other Art Fair


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Gregg Chadwick
The Greatest of Wanderers
54"x54" oil on linen 2021


Gregg Chadwick 
at The Other Art Fair Los Angeles 
 Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California 
Opening September 23, 2021


Please find me in Booth 83 


Featuring New Paintings About Our Fragile Earth
& Humanity's Tensile Strength

I first became aware of the fragile nature of our planet as an elementary 
school student. For Christmas one year, I asked my parents for the book 
Wildlife in Danger published by the IUCN 
(International Union for the Conservation of Nature). 
They are still an important organization providing information, plans,
 and hope for our endangered earth. Worried about the environment 
as a kid, I drew pictures of animals constantly. Now I have brought out 
a series of paintings inspired by the 50th anniversary of Earth Day that 
shed light on climate change, the beauty of the natural world, and 
our place with other species. The Greatest of Wanderers will be 
on exhibit at The Other Art Fair at Barker Hangar starting on 
Thursday night, September 23, 2021.


Please book your tickets online in advance for
guaranteed savings and for an easy check-in
once you arrive at the Fair.

Register at the link below for tickets:

Private View
Thursday September 23  6pm - 10pm
There will be FREE parking for all Private View guests on Thursday
evening.Please use the Promo Code PVCHADWICK to register for 
free Private View Tickets.
Enter Promo Code as directed at top of ticket page. 

Friday - Sunday

Friday, September 24:
4 – 7 pm PT
7 – 10 pm PT

Saturday, September 25:
11 am – 4 pm PT
4 – 8 pm PT

Sunday, September 26:
11 am – 3 pm PT
3 – 6 pm PT

For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday admission, please use the Promo Code 30CHADWICK to register for 30% off tickets.


All visitors of The Other Art Fair Los Angeles must have a ticket to enter. All tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite on our tickets page:

Upon arrival to the Fair, proceed to the Welcome Desk to check-in. Here, the QR code on your ticket will be scanned. Please have this handy on your mobile device so you can have a speedy check-in.

Visitors 21+ over will be wrist-banded during check-in for quick service at the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE bar. Government-issue I.D. is required. Plus, special Guest Artists, interactive art installations and murals, live DJ sets, complimentary cocktails from BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, food trucks, and more!

If you wish to return on another day of the Fair, please visit the Welcome Desk to request a complimentary will-call ticket for your additional visit. Subject to availability.

PARKING: Parking is free on Thursday 9/23 but if you come on Friday, Sat, or Sunday, you need to pay for parking. 

Where?  Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405



Vaccination or proof of negative test is not required to attend, but it is required that attendees wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. If you are feeling sick or were recently exposed to someone with COVID-19, please stay home. Learn about our health and safety measures by viewing our Safer Fair Plan.


Gregg Chadwick
37"x24" oil on linen 2021

Art at its best possess an uncanny ability to communicate ideas and feelings that we need to understand. It seems that especially in times of struggle or unrest, art helps us connect to the personhood of others especially during the current Covid epidemic. My painting Frontlines celebrates the nurses and other healthcare workers battling for all of us.

My paintings are crafted as reflecting devices that mirror and focus the viewer’s attention on where we've been, and where we are going. As Marvin Gaye sang so poignantly - “What’s going on.”. Frontlines will be on exhibit at The Other Art Fair at Barker Hangar from September 23, 2021 -September 26, 2021.

Gregg Chadwick
Carpe Librum
48"x36" oil on linen 2021


Hope to see you soon !



Bruce Springsteen "Waitin' on a sunny day" - Over 200 Belgian musicians play for Bruce Springsteen


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Good Morning California! - Governor Newsom Defeats Recall Effort

Sunday, September 05, 2021

Happy Birthday Caspar David Friedrich