Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Lies In the Shadow of the Statue? ~ Ille qui nos omnes servabit.

Update; January 26, 2010
The statue is of Tawaret the goddess of protection during pregnancy and childbirth.

The Egyptian god Sobek seems to be the inspiration for the giant statue on LOST. I was leaning towards Anubis but the crocodilian snout gives it away. (Anubis was probably a bit too close to Stargate anyway.) Gary Jones' masterful photo of the Temple of Haroeris and Sobek in Egypt shows Sobek in detail. The light in Jones' photo is stunning - mysterious and beckoning.

Caroline Seawright writes of Sobek:

"Having the form of a crocodile, the Egyptians believed that he also had the nature of a crocodile. He could be the strong, powerful symbol of the pharaoh, showing the ruler's might. He could use this force to protect the justified dead in their after life, and be the protector and rescuer of the other gods... yet he could also use that power to savage his enemies and the sinful deceased. He could bestow sight and senses to the dead, he could bring water and fertility to the land."

"What lies in the shadow of the statue?" Richard's answer in Latin is:

"Ille qui nos omnes servabit," ("He who will protect/save us all.")

Just in time for the release tomorrow of the film Angels and Demons, we have Richard on LOST answering questions in Latin and calling himself Ricardo. Latin of course brings to mind the Catholic church and the history of Rome. Could Richard be a priest? Is he also known as Father Ricardo?

More at:
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Shino said...

Great! I was wondering what Richard said. I take it they're talking about Jacob... I wonder who that other guy from Jacob's time is.

Dr Hen said...

There seems to be a mix of ancient cultures - that temple looks a bit Mayan or Aztecy maybe, the statue is obviously egyptian and we have seen hieroglyphs as well, then we have Jacob and whoever who seem to be dressed like Romans maybe, which may also fit in with Richards use of Latin. Maybe this is one of those Atlantean tales?

Spiffy said...

I don't think Richard answering in Latin necessarily means he is or was a priest. Latin was a predominant language for many centuries, and used in most texts until the printing press spread enough throughout Europe to allow books to begin being printed in more diverse languages. If the Black Rock was a Spanish sailing vessel, and if Richard arrived on the pirate ship, its feesible that he knew Latin by virtue of simply being Catholic.

But since quite a few different religions and philosophies are being mashed up on this island- I won't discount the possibility either.

I am wondering if the other man might be named Esau- of the twins Esau & Jacob. Esau vowed to kill his brother (but later forgave him)... And if they have some kind of Romulus/Remus reference.

And finally, since the other man can't kill Jacob (and I assume Jacob can't kill the mystery man); I wonder if their enmity is echoed in Charles and Ben. Ben stated that he may not be able to kill Charles, but he can take something dear to him (when Ben attempted to kill Penny).

I love this show! Every turn there's something new to consider and theorize. :D

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