Thursday, October 07, 2004

what i'm listening to

i drive from santa monica to san francisco and back almost weekly. don't know how i would do it without michael mcdermott growling and whispering in my ear. his music is pure passion and the lyrics are the poetry of life's small battles. a rich chord of spirituality runs throughout michael's music. this is neither irony nor dogma but instead the understanding of faith and its importance in modern life. you can sense michael mcdermott's appreciation for joseph campbell in these songs. and in those spare piano graced moments i can almost hear raymond carver. this is music for the soul. give it a listen- take care

une passante ( for czeslaw milosz)

every artwork has its audience - sometimes large and sometimes singular. small paintings such as "une passante" seem to be noticed first by other artists or those with a heightened awareness of the world.

i recently sent the following description of "une passante" off to an early discoverer of the work-

czeslaw milosz' poetry has been a deep inspiration for me. his ability to search for meaning or metaphysics even after the horrors in Poland during the 20th century has always been a source of strength for me artistically and spiritually.

when i found out about his recent death i wanted to paint an image pulled from life like a sort of painted poem- a moment that if one is not truly aware will go unseen

title: une passante (in french a female passerby)

this poem by milosz feels to me like the painting:

- Czeslaw Milosz

My ears catch less and less of conversations, and my eyes have weakened, though they are still insatiable.

I see their legs in miniskirts, slacks, wavy fabrics.

Peep at each one separately, at their buttocks and thighs, lulled by the imaginings of porn.

Old lecher, it's time for you to the grave, not to the games and amusements of youth.

But I do what I have always done: compose scenes of this earth under orders from the erotic imagination.

It's not that I desire these creatures precisely; I desire everything, and they are like a sign of ecstatic union.

It's not my fault that we are made so, half from disinterested contemplation, half from appetite.

If I should accede one day to Heaven, it must be there as it is here, except that I will be rid of my dull senses and my heavy bones.

Changed into pure seeing, I will absorb, as before, the proportions of human bodies, the color of irises, a Paris street in June at dawn, all of it incomprehensible, incomprehensible the multitude of visible things.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Studio View Of Fire Sermon

Studio View Of Fire Sermon, originally uploaded by greggchadwick.

hope all of you in los angeles come down to my studio this weekend for the grand opening:

when: 6-9 pm on saturday, october 9th and 2-5 pm on sunday, october 10th

where: studio #15 @ the hangar studios
santa monica airport
3026 airport avenue, santa monica, ca 90405

view some of the work at:

hope to see you there
make sure you come up and say "hi"
take care-

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