Monday, December 13, 2004

Judge OKs Barnes Collection Move to Philly

 vincent van gogh postman 21"x15" oil on canvas 1889
vincent van gogh
21"x15" oil on canvas 1889
the barnes collection

Montgomery County Judge Stanley Ott has issued a ruling today that opens the way for the Barnes Collection to move from its hard to access Lower Merion site to downtown Philadelphia. Judge Ott in his statement wrote that there was "no viable alternative" to save the foundation from financial collapse.

Albert Barnes in his will instructed that the collection never be moved. His will also limited photographic reproduction of the paintings and forbade artworks to travel on loan. For many years art scholars and artists were forced to rely on black and white photos of the work. These restrictions have been lifted at least partially in recent years.

Could this be the end of an era as the Barnes Collection moves into the 21st century? Or is this the start of something new and important for the city of Philadelphia?
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Anonymous said...

Don't we lose something every time we follow the road of progress?

gregg chadwick said...

yet, we can't remain still... change is inevitable. for me what is most important is how change is dealt with. one can attempt to stand firm, clutching to the present, as time sweeps over- fearful that all will be lost. or one can sail with the hours as time moves on...