Friday, April 29, 2005

HEAD Magazine: Remembered Like a Dream

by Gregg Chadwick

HEAD Magazine, an online publication from the United Kingdom, is featuring a group of my paintings in their latest issue in a visual article entitled: "Remembered Like a Dream" .

cover photo by Dominik Weyerke

The staff at HEAD magazine describes the intent of their efforts:

"HEAD Magazine is an online publication designed to showcase the creative talents of established and emerging visual artists from all over the world. HEAD Magazine was founded in 2003 by Steve Kraitt and Nicolene Hannan, and provides an editorial and advertising-free platform for exhibiting the work of photographers, artists, illustrators and designers. From the outset, the central ethos and conceptual objective of HEAD Magazine has been to provide artists with a global platform of the "purest" form. It was the primary intention of Steven and Nicolene to create a publication that concerned itself entirely and exclusively with the presentation of visual art, without any of the influence or distraction that editorial association can often apply. HEAD strives to present only the work itself and nothing more; no biographical information regarding the creator/s of the work, no review or assessment of the work, and no other form of written content that could influence or inform the reader further than the immediate emotional response that the work itself prompts. This lack of editorial is one of the primary attractions of Head Magazine, and the reason so many of our readers find our concept so fresh and appealing."

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of HEAD Mag... October 2005's issue is full of great artists.

Particularly, Ryan Greis' art is disturbingly weird and realistic.