Thursday, May 12, 2005

L.A. Light

by Gregg Chadwick

There is a cinematic light to the skies in Los Angeles at dusk and a Disney-like quality to the shopping arcades and restaurants.

Encounter at LAX
photo by Gregg Chadwick

The level of energy is similar to New York but it is spread out horizontally and tends to dissipate along the edges as the city leaks into Orange County. Prompted by Megan and Murray's recent newcomer's thoughts on L.A. and my current exhibit at the LACMA Art Rental and Sales Gallery, I have begun to think about Los Angeles as a muse as well as a subject. What siren calls does this city sing?

Ed Ruscha "LACMA On Fire"

At my opening at LACMA last Friday, more than one person came up to me and asked if I was in the business -referring to film and television. As an artist in L.A. you must not forget your place on the periphery. But in that benign neglect, there is freedom for a visual artist. There is a sense of possibility even. And chance.

Gregg Chadwick's Studio
May 2005
Santa Monica Airport

Ry Cooder has a small studio at the Santa Monica Airport. Though we have not yet met, it is comforting somehow to think of him working nearby as I paint late into the night. I picture Wim Wenders driving up in an old Mercedes to listen to Ry Cooder's latest musical project on Chavez Ravine. And I keep painting away.

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