Thursday, July 07, 2005


"Stainless Light"
38"x38" oil on linen 2005

London's "Guardian" reports on today's bombings:

"It was about three minutes after we left King's Cross, when there was a massive bang and there was smoke and glass everywhere. I was standing near a window, and I've still got some in my hair."

"The lights went out, and, with the smoke, we couldn't breathe, and we sort of cushioned each other during the impact because the compartment was so full."

"It felt like a dream, it was surreal."
- Fiona Trueman, 26, who was on a train a few minutes south of King's Cross when it exploded.

London Tube Attack
-photo by Adam Stacey

Continual updates on the "Guardian's" blog: guardian blog
Photo coverage on flickr: London pool

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fin said...

wow--that's an amazing photo, almost looks like a ufo