Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Letter from Danielle Brazell to the Arts Community

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The devastation in New Orleans and the gulf cities is almost incomprehensible. New Orleans is one of the richest cultural centers in the country. It is home to hundreds of musicians, visual artists and theatre professionals.

Yet New Orleans also has one of the highest poverty rates in the country. Like many of us, these artists live gig to gig, check to check.

And these artists are now dispersed throughout the country. I’ve been in touch with several colleagues from New Orleans and while they may be physically okay, they are trying to figure out the day-to-day reality of their displacement. This day-to-day may well turn into months if not years.

The national arts community is mobilizing to help with this crisis. If you would like to help, the recommendation is to give to the Red Cross relief fund and then give a little more to the artists affected by Katrina.

The Southern Arts Federation has established an artists’ and arts organization fund, which will be administered by the three state arts councils.

Downloadable PDF for donations is at:
Southern Arts Federation

Also, if you know an artist affected by Katrina, NYFA has a great list of resources:

Housing Links:

Craig’s List

SAG Foundation Housing Board

Now open for Screen Actor's Guild members and non-members to help with housing swaps for those displaced by Katrina.
When logging into the system type “Guest” as the member ID#.

Also check out these informative links relating to the arts relief effort:

Artist Relief News

community based

Please spread the word.

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