Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Favorites in the de Young: Edwin W. Dickinson, "The Cello Player"

Edwin W. Dickinson
American, 1891 - 1978
The Cello Player, 1924 - 1926
oil on canvas
60" x 48 1/4"
DeYoung Museum
photo by Gregg Chadwick

"Dickinson is not a name that carries instant recognition outside the circles of art historians and artists. He spanned (1891 - 1978) a period in American art history which jumped from academic Realism to Cubism and Abstract Expressionism and through all of these changes he retained his own style, pausing here and there to prove that he was thoroughly informed by all the new schools in the arts while continuing his mission as a representational artist. His studios were in New York and in Cape Cod and it is here that he observed and painted the world as he saw it. Some of his canvases took years to complete."
-Grady Harp

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Tim Potter said...

This painting was a wonderful surprise, especially within the context of his contemporaries. A detailed, evocative masterpiece.