Friday, January 13, 2006

As the World Rushes By

Between Moment and Memory
"Between Moment and Memory" at the Julie Nester Gallery

From the Salt Lake Weekly:

Artist GREGG CHADWICK believes that great attention must be given to each moment. One instant, he believes, holds a complete host of meanings as the world rushes by. Maybe that’s why his paintings in the exhibit BETWEEN MOMENT & MEMORY resemble fast-paced, dreamlike blurred images. See his work before it, too, rushes by at the end of the month.

From the Daily Utah :

Good Idea
1) Taking a third-grade class on a field trip to the aquarium

2) Planned Parenthood

6) Gleefully living your life in the ether Between Moment & Memory, by Gregg Chadwick at Julie Nester Gallery

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