Sunday, December 09, 2007

Marquis C.'s South Central Days

Online Videos by Marquis C.'s SOUTH CENTRAL DAYS.

The Los Angeles Times has a powerful article on the power of art to speak of troubled streets and difficult choices. Budding filmmaker Marquis Calhoun found his passion for film at Camp David, the youth detention center not the presidential compound,during a filmmaking class taught by the award winning filmmaker Alex Muñoz.

John L. Mitchell, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer writes,"Every year for the last five years, the class of teenagers has produced a number of dramatic scripts and, eventually, short films about the precarious twists and turns of a harsh life on the streets."

"But this year, one student's story was different: Marquise Calhoun's screenplay focused on death -- his own."

Watch the film. Read the article. And visit the website for Films by Youth Inside. Powerful stuff.

Films by Youth Inside
Scripting what he knows

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