Sunday, October 05, 2008

Four Year Anniversary

Gregg Chadwick
Buddha in Suburbia
72"x36" oil on linen 2002

Speed of Life is four years old today. Thank you to all my readers for your interest, encouragement , thoughts, and comments. My life, art, and spirit wouldn't be the same without you.


PeterAtLarge said...

Congratulations, Greg. I recall that we both started out at the same time--around the 2004 elections. I regret that somehow we lost contact. I'm planning to get you back on my blogroll shortly. I hope we all have better luck/judgment for the next four years than the last!

gregg chadwick said...

Thanks, Peter for the good word. I am sure that Speed of Life's eight year anniversary will much more festive! I look forward to many more links and conversations.