Sunday, March 22, 2009

Off to Japan!

This beautiful photo is by my Japanese friend in Kyoto.
More at: lolalways

I will be in Japan for the next two weeks. My bags are almost packed. Loose ends almost tied up. OK, I am not quite ready yet.
But I still must say "Gambate!" (Very roughly in Japanese - "Go Get em")

I will be in Tokyo for the first eight days and then on to Kyoto. It will be quiet here on Speed of Life. Much more when I get back.


一美 said...

Hi! from Japan:
Thank you so much for posting my picture.
And if we could have a chance to meet during your stay here in Japan, we would be very happy.
Have a nice flight!

the little travelers said...

one of my favorite places. lucky.

gregg chadwick said...

一美 ,

Thank you so much. Our trip to Japan was too quick. But like the transient beauty of cherry blossoms - swiftly moving seasons, travels or images can often have profound and poignant effects on one's life.
We hope to see you on our next trip to Japan which should be next year.

gregg chadwick said...


Thanks for the comments. Japan is one of my favorite places as well. I hope in the future to catch some of your travels on your website.