Monday, June 15, 2009

ماگوسفندنیستیم! We are not sheep!

Follow the breaking events at Andrew Sullivan at Atlantic Monthly. This is a sea change in Iranian politics. One of Andrew Sullivan's readers writes:

I just talked to my father in Iran a few minutes ago. He had been in the demonstrations. He was telling me people were chanting: "Ahmadi, Ahmadi 24 millionet koo?" ("Ahmadi, Ahmadi were are your 24 millions?") and "Ahmadi, Ahmadi 63-dar sadet koo?"("Ahmadi Ahmadi, where is your 63%").
He said that the protesters were chanting "Nirooye Entezami Hemayat Hemayat" (asking police for support) And he was also confirming that at the beginning when there were smaller groups, the police was attacking them, but as the crowd built up thay had to stand back.
We might be experiencing a true revolution here.

Live tweets from Iran at:
Live Tweeting the Revolution
ماگوسفندنیستیم! We are not sheep!

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