Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The River Dreams

Gregg Chadwick
The River Dreams
16"x11" oil on linen 2009

I am reading WS Merwin's recent book of poems - The Shadow of Sirius - and thinking deeply about the mystery of our place in the universe. I had a chance to chat briefly with WS Merwin after his wonderful reading at the Hammer Museum on October 29th. We spoke of elephants and mystery and nature. Inspiring stuff.

Professor Stephen Yenser is doing an amazing job with this series of poetry readings at the Hammer. And Mona Simpson's favorite writers series is also top notch. Tonight, YiyunLi, author of A Thousand Years of Good Prayers, will be reading.

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More on elephants and why we must protect them:

Elephant Reflections - new from UC Press
Photographs by Karl Ammann and Text by Dale Peterson

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Sandra Yagi said...

Wow I love your painting!