Monday, January 10, 2011

An Arizona Elegy

Las Piedras del Cielo
Gregg Chadwick
Las Piedras del Cielo
16"x20" oil on linen 2010

"I call on Americans to observe a moment of silence to honor the innocent victims of the senseless tragedy in Tucson, Ariz., including those still fighting for their lives. It will be a time for us to come together as a nation in prayer or reflection, keeping the victims and their families closely at heart."
- President Barack Obama

Sometimes a still wind is more powerful than a gale. Sometimes silence is more powerful than taunts. Sometimes peace is more powerful than battle.

I present this simple image of a figure at the Canyon's edge in Arizona as my moment of silence today as I mourn the victims of Saturday's violence in Arizona.

For those who perished I stop in silence. I give thanks for the lives they led and the people they touched.

- U.S. District Judge John Roll, 63.

- Gabe Zimmerman, 30, Giffords' director of community outreach.

- Dorwin Stoddard, 76, a pastor at Mountain Ave. Church of Christ.

- Christina Greene, 9, a student at Mesa Verde Elementary.

- Dorthy Murray, 76.

- Phyllis Scheck, 79.

And for those who were wounded I stop in silence. My thoughts go out to Representative Gabrielle Giffords and the other wounded as they struggle for life.

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