Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Egyptians Love Their Country It's Mubarak They Fear

Today in Cairo hundreds of thousands of protesters peacefully gathered to urge Mubarak to step down from his 30 year reign in Egypt. Over the weekend, President Barack Obama sent Frank Wisner as his personal envoy to tell Mubarak that his time is over. This evening, Mubarak spoke via a televised address and declared that he will not seek another term. Elections are scheduled for the fall. In Tahrir Square, Mubarak's words were not enough. The massive crowd chanted "Erhal! (Leave!) Erhal! ( Leave!)"
A US official told BBC's Kim Ghattas that Mubarak's announcement was not enough for the Obama administration either.
From the White House, President Obama said that a transition in Egypt "must begin now".

January 31, 2011 Interview with anti-Mubarak protester in Tahrir Square, Cairo

Interview by Zero Silence from a forthcoming documentary.

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