Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Body of Sound in Arabic and English

Gregg Chadwick
A Body of Sound
30"x22" monotype on paper
Courtesy the Julie Nester Gallery

The writer Farouq Salloum recently sent me a poem inspired by my artwork The Body of Sound. Mr. Salloum's lilting words swirl and fix a passing image.

The poem is posted below in the original arabic version and is followed by the english translation by Farouq Salloum.
Thank you Farouq!

من اسئلة الجسد والوساوس
من زهرة الشهوات على وسادة السرير
من زخارف الكلمات على رنين هواتفك
حيث اتوهم انك تحتويني .. اتوهم انني احتويك
انثى هابطه من جحيم اللذائذ
وآدم حائر في ندم ايامه على الأرض
هو عطرك الذي يملأ المكان
كأنك هنا دائما
نعيد ترف وحدتنا بالفصول ..
بالجسد الحاني .. وبالغناء
A body of sound
جسد الصوت
Gregg Chadwick
By: Farouq Salloum

A Body of Sound
-by Farouq Salloum

You spring up from the magic space of my forest
from the Questions of body and whispers
from the flower of desires on the pillow
from the ornementation of words on your phones calls
as an Illusion where you comprise me
... a falling female from the hell of pleasures


Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem, and stunning painting. Didn't realize you had a blog. So looking forward to your guest post on my studio page. Probably will begin tomorrow.

gregg chadwick said...

Thanks Kathy!
Excited to see my work up on your Studio Page.
Really enjoying David's blog as well!
You two make quite a team.