Sunday, September 25, 2011

Krazy Kat Caught in an Alley by Kent Chadwick: New Poem Published in Pontoon by Floating Bridge Review

Krazy Kat caught in an alley 

By Kent Chadwick

                        ___   ___

            Krazy Kat Caught in an alley
            night in Garwood
                        New Jersey
            moonlight on the sagging
                        back landings
            drinking men stripped
                        to undershirts
                        ribbed with a
                        working day’s sweat
            the viscosity of bourbon
                        poured into shots
            patterened thump of
                        ball against wall
                        ball against wall
            sound of speed
                        from the street
                        rubber friction
                        gas combustion
            the swamp coolers shake
                        the swamp coolers drip
                        against the heat

“Fireflies don’t come no more.”

            blue auroras stream
                        from each T.V.
                        out window screens

“Turn it down!”
            one house shines
                        in new siding
            chain links the brown
                        block’s backyards
                        right angles and shadow
            no sirens tonight
            a kid laughs
            some woman hums
                        the dishes away

“Sit for a week, even this’ll look good.”

“That’s whiskey talking. Throw me a beer, Jake.
It’s all in your head.”

This poem was included in Pontoon, published by Floating Bridge Review (Seattle), Number Four, 2011

All the poems in Pontoon were chosen from manuscripts submitted to the 2011 Floating Bridge Press Poetry Chapbook Award.

Pontoon is available from Floating Bridge Press

Photo: Painter & Poet by Margaret Chadwick

Gregg Chadwick
Detail of Jimmy Buffs
72"x96" oil on linen 1982--1992
Collection: Kent Chadwick


PeterAtLarge said...

Nice lines, Gregg! I'm back from the UK and NYC...

Gregg Chadwick said...

I am back from Monterey as well.
Lunch next week?