Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Helen Frankenthaler 1928-2011

by Gregg Chadwick

Helen Frankenthaler
Mountains and Sea
7' 2 5/8" x 9' 9 1/4" oil on canvas 1952
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

"Fashion and money, fame and power politics have played a part in all art worlds. You've just got to plug away.... I see a revival of the meaning of the word "quality"---a search for truth and beauty in lieu of stock certificates. People are most interested in what's real, what endures."
- Helen Frankenthaler (From a Conversation With Lee Rosenbaum)

Helen Frankenthaler's painting Mountains and Sea opened a painterly universe. She poured, dripped, and floated thinned oil paint directly onto an unprimed canvas, creating a stained surface in which the pigment spread into and throughout the canvas fibers. The painting is mesmerizing, like the open sea is mesmerizing. Color beckons almost like song. As viewers we take the role of Odysseus, some will remain tied to a mast - fighting the beauty and lyricism. Others, myself included, let Helen Frankenthaler's hand lead us into the unknown. 

She will be sorely missed. 

Helen Frankenthaler Painting
From a Series of Photographs by Ernst Haas Taken in 1969

Helen Frankenthaler Amidst Her Art in 1956
Photographer: Gordon Parks for LIFE Magazine

More at:
A Search for Truth and Beauty by Lee Rosenbaum

Helen Frankenthaler dies at 83; abstract painter


Hans said...

Thank you Gregg, what an wonderful artist she was, very inspiring. Best regards, Hans

Gregg Chadwick said...

Thanks Hans.
She was a wonderful artist indeed.
Hope all is well with you and your artworks.
Happy New Year!

Hans said...

Gregg, today was our son born, Nikita Cord Buhr, ;)) we are very happy, our 4th child, see here on Facebook

I also wish you the best for 2012 and foremost good new paintings !

Gregg Chadwick said...

How Wonderful! A new son born into the world. True Beauty!

Hans said...

;) Thank you ! Please come one day visiting us in the Caucasus ! ;)

Gregg Chadwick said...

Thanks for the invite Hans. Some day I will visit the Caucasus!

스마트한걸 said...

I have already come.
As I promised that I would come again, I have already come. Now all the people around the world must listen to this message,

"I have already come"