Monday, September 10, 2012

Late Summer Mentors and Memories

Watching these poignant videos of Eddie Vedder singing with Bruce Springsteen and knowing that Tom Morello was offstage waiting for his next turn, I am called to thank the numerous mentors in my life. As an artist, sometimes it is only the artwork itself that carries its influence into your life. Other times it is the day to day connection with a teacher, colleague, or partner. And for me it has also been the powerful influence of my family and friends. From my blazingly intelligent wife MarySue Heilemann, to my brilliant brother Kent Chadwick, to my supportive parents Bob and Peg Chadwick, to my teachers Sam Amato and Jan Stussy at UCLA and Dale McConathy and Richard Martin at NYU, to my colleagues at the Santa Monica Art Studios, to the always inspiring writer Peter Clothier, to my gallerist in San Francisco Sandra Lee, to my collectors over all these years, to my new friend and colleague in the arts Barbara Drucker, to my agent Gwenda Joyce, to the insightful film and theater artists Alan and Alana Caudillo, Yareli Arizmendi and Sergio Arau, Dan Bonnell and Lea Floden, Craig Zisk and Julie Weiss, to the passionate musicians RB Morris, Kelly Colbert, Michael McDermott and Peter Himmelman, and to my collaborator in the creative fire Phil Cousineau - I say "Thank You for the inspiration, friendship and mentorship!"

Video: Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder Sing My Hometown at Wrigley Field Sept 8, 2012

Another View: Bruce Springsteen w/ Eddie Vedder My Hometown - Wrigley Field 9/8/12

Video: Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder - Atlantic City- Wrigley Field, Sept 7, 2012

Gregg Chadwick
Jimmy Buff's
72"x96" oil on linen 1983-1988

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Unknown said...

Grazie Gregg. Harmonies are the sweetest songs.