Friday, February 22, 2013

Nick Cave Live From Los Angeles: Feb 21, 2013

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Live In L.A. on February 21, 2013
 24 Hour HD Re-Broadcast  (Full Video)

"It was another title track, though, that represented for me the night's most profoundly emotional moment: A massive, knee-wobbling, tear-inducing version of “From Her to Eternity,” his great song of obsession with a woman living in the flat above. It’s a sparse, menacing track that suggests Elvis Presley possessed by a demon Kurt Weill.
I never thought I’d see him play it live, and its performance — with Ellis leading a scraping string section, Savage poking out that off-kilter piano melody and Adamson offering keyboard clusters — was overwhelming, music that conjured heaven and embodied the kind of bliss only present in the purest of expressions. The heavens opened over those five minutes, and I'm still buzzing about it."
-  Randall Roberts
Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic

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