Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Springsteen Sings 41 Shots (American Skin) in Memory of Trayvon Martin

by Gregg Chadwick


Today in Ireland, Bruce Springsteen dedicated his powerful song 41 Shots (American Skin) with a call to justice for Trayvon Martin. The verdict in the Zimmerman case was tainted by the stench of ALEC's odious "Stand Your Ground" legislation.  "Stand Your Ground" laws are abhorrent. They are fundamentally biased. A recent study has shown that white people who kill black people in 'Stand Your Ground' states are 354% more likely to be acquitted of murder. 

Denise, an active duty US Marine, wrote a compelling argument against the jury's decision on twitter tonight, "If a man watches a woman while he is in his SUV, follows that woman in the dark and kills her because she fought him. Is he justified?"

As I write, more than one million  Americans have signed petitions demanding federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman. There is no doubt that Zimmerman killed Trayvon and yet has not spoken one word of remorse. Instead Zimmerman, called his violent act, "God's will."  

Thank You Bruce for dedicating this song to the memory of a young man cut down in a senseless violent act. Justice for Trayvon!

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