Monday, September 19, 2016

Stronger Together

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine's book "Stronger Together" begins with a powerful statement: "It has been said that America is great because America is good." Clinton and Kaine agree with that statement as do I. The book continues and reminds us that,"we face our fair share of threats and challenges." The strength of this 249 page volume is the detailed description of policy suggestions that carry the knowledge that the United States is a country of good as it creates positive change for the benefit of all its citizens.

"Stronger Together" outlines investments in job growth, clean energy, debt free college plans, reining in Wall Street, equal pay for women, expanded health coverage, LGBT rights, open internet, expanded K-12 education, fair immigration reform, national defense, women's health and reproductive rights, and more.

Hillary writes, "Americans don't say:"I alone can fix it." We say: "We'll fix it together." Clinton and Kaine's book is a blueprint of inspiration and ideas of how we as Americans will move our country forward together. Highly recommended.

Link Here: Stronger Together

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