Thursday, January 25, 2018

Points of Departure at the Arena 1 Gallery in Santa Monica

by Gregg Chadwick

 Points of Departure 
(An exhibition curated by Maurizzio Hector Pineda) 


Gregg Chadwick

Flor De Asfalto (for Sergio Arau) 
50”x80” oil on linen 2018
(Installation View)
"These studio artists offer a visual mediation of time, site, and process. In this time of maelstrom and uncertainty, Points of Departure offers a visual respite for viewers to depart from the daily noise of contemporary life." - Maurizzio Hector Pineda, Curator

My painting Flor De Asfalto (for Sergio Arau) is featured in the Arena 1 exhibitionPoints of Departure. With his music, words and images, Sergio Arau has inspired me to create a series of paintings that feature him as the main character in my painted movies. Rock Star, actor, director, screenwriter, and artist Sergio Arau has often performed while wearing gear honoring Mexico's most famous wrestling star El Santo (The Man In the Silver Mask). Known as lucha libre, Mexican wrestlers such as El Santo are defenders of the poor and vulnerable. By taking on the persona of the Luchador (wrestler), Josh Kun writes in Audiotopia: Music, Race, and America, Sergio Arau and his bands have mixed "the traditional with the contemporary, the rural with the urban, the American with the Mexican, the charro with the rockero."
My painting Flor De Asfalto (for Sergio Arau) carries Sergio Arau into a Los Angeles seemingly pulled from the lyrics of his songs or gathered from scenes of his films that were left on the cutting room floor.

Gracias Sergio!
On the Curator: Maurizzio Hector Pineda is an emerging curator from EL Salvador who currently lives and works in Southern California. His most recent curatorial post was at the Torrance Art Museum as an assistant curator. During his tenure at the Museum he co-curated The Gildless Age, 2016 and developed the 2017 SUR: Biennial with a focus on Cuban contemporary art for the TAM. 

What:   Points of Departure
Where: Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Ave. SM 90405 
When:  Opening Night - Thursday, January 25, 2017, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
                with a performance by Doni Silver Simons at 7:30 pm
               Thursday, January 25 12-6 pm
                Friday, January 26 12-6 pm
                Saturday, January 27 12-6 pm
                Sunday, January 28 12-6 pm  

Cost: This exhibition is free 

MORE ART HERE is located across the street from and concurrent with Art Los Angeles Contemporary and just a short shuttle ride away from the stART Up Fair LA in Venice.

Complimentary Shuttle between MORE ART HERE and stART Up Fair at The Kinney Hotel and will be available hourly. The shuttle stops will be located on the west side of 3026 Airport Avenue and The Kinney Hotel, Venice.

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