Saturday, May 31, 2008

Upcoming Workshop at Esalen With Gregg Chadwick, Phil Cousineau & RB Morris

Phil Cousineau Reading from Stoking the Creative Fires at Bird & Beckett Books, San Francisco

Gregg Chadwick will be leading a weekend workshop at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California with author Phil Cousineau and poet/musician R.B. Morris on August 22-24, 2008

On the Bus: A Multimedia Performance Workshop—Mythmaking in the Movies, Music, Art, and Poetry

"Together as a group, we will become modern mythmakers by creating and performing a new multimedia work over the course of the weekend. Our spark will be musician R. B. Morris's song, ‘On the Bus,' which will serve as a template for a one-act play. Writer Phil Cousineau will help to stoke the creative fire of the group by bringing the mythic dimension into the story; painter Gregg Chadwick will take the lead in helping us visualize the story and the set; and Morris will help us write and arrange the score. On Sunday morning we will stage and perform the piece together."

RB Morris

To reserve a space:
On the Bus: A Multimedia Performance Workshop—Mythmaking in the Movies, Music, Art, and Poetry


Anonymous said...

Hi Greg!

Angie Penley just sent me the address to your blog. Love reading it. will put you on my links once my website is up and running.

hoping you are enjoying LA. Do you get to SF very often? I love Santa Monica/ Venice area. Is Cassiel with you?

Anyway, thought I'd say hello. check out my blog @
and my website [coming this month]

www [dot] blankcanvasmusic [dot] com

I am in FLA [Tampa] now with my parents. moved here last November. Heading to do work in NYC this August [hopefully longer]. Can't wait. Also getting a staged reading of one of my one-act musicals in NYC while I'm there.

Hope you and C are doing well. drop me a line if you get a chance; would love to hear from you. Occasionally I am out in LA. maybe we could get together for java and talk shop. [btw, the workshop you will be a part of this summer sounds fantastic...wish I could go...I've heard nothing but great things about that retreat center].

so I send my best to you an C.

take care,

Michael O'Dell [used to work for the Buntings]
9 one 7 . five 5 four . 1 4 0 0
dmoepheus [at] yahoo [dot] com

gregg chadwick said...


I was just thinking of you last night. I saw an ad for Kurt Elling's upcoming shows in SF and remembered our time together when the kids were small. I can smell the fresh oil paint in the loft and hear Kurt Elling high above Market Street.

Cassiel graduates from 8th grade on Friday and will be attending Crossroads School here in Santa Monica for HIgh School. I will give him your best on grad night!

Congrats on the upcoming gig in NYC.

Please let me know next time you are coming out West.

See you soon