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You've Got It

by Gregg Chadwick

You've Got It
(Song by Song Review of Bruce Springsteen's New Album - Wrecking Ball)

"She is beautiful, and more than beautiful; she is surprising. Black abounds in her, and everything she inspires is nocturnal and deep. Her eyes are two caves dimly glittering with mystery, and her gaze illumines like lightning: an explosion in the darkness."

- Charles Baudelaire , The Desire to Paint from Le Spleen de Paris, trans. by Edward Kaplan

Gregg Chadwick
Golden Gate
30"x22" monotype on paper 2011

Springsteen's You've Got It (Listen Here) is a call to a union of a different kind. The song begins with a simple understated guitar and vocals vibe that sounds as if it could have come from a lost demo from his audition at Columbia Records for the legendary John Hammond.

No one ever found it, ain't no school ever taught it
No one ever made it, ain't no one ever bought it
Baby you've got it, baby you've got it
Come on and give it to me

Piano and a pedal steel guitar fill in the spaces behind the singer and the song begins to build into a horn swathed ode to lust and love.

Yeah, you can't read it in a book, and you can't even dream it
Honey, it ain't got a name, you just know it when you see it
Baby you've got it, yeah, baby you've got it
Come on and give it to me

Like good whiskey, the rasp in Springsteen's voice and Marc Muller’s bluesy guitar solo compel us to sip slowly and appreciate the company we are with. In this instance Springsteen's line from his song No Surrender is absolutely true: 

We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school

Like Springsteen sings, some things can't be learned from a book, but they still take a lot of practice to get right. 

All lyrics from You've Got It -  Copyright © Bruce Springsteen (ASCAP)

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