Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Please Read A Letter From Lori Compas in Wisconsin

Dear Friend,

Outrageous. By now you've heard that the GOP has put up fake democrats to run against me and 3 other democratic challengers in the State Senate recall elections. This is yet another insult to Wisconsin's proud tradition of clean elections and we need to fight back.

My fake Democratic challenger is Gary Ellerman. He's a life-long Republican and founder of the group, "Walkers for Walker."

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint with the Government Accountability Board alleging that these Republicans are committing felony election fraud, by collecting nomination signatures under false pretenses. This morning I gave a statement to the Board.

"...If you allow a Republican to appear on the ballot as a Democrat, you’re saying that it’s acceptable to place false information on a ballot. This would undermine citizens’ confidence in this process specifically and in government in general. I think it’s telling that after all the talk of election fraud at the polls this past year, we’re now facing fraud on the ballots themselves."

However, moments ago the GAB announced they will allow these fraudulent candidates to remain on the ballot!
What's more disturbing than having to run in a primary against a fake candidate is the confusion this is causing among citizens in our district. When I was knocking on doors this weekend, I spoke to a woman who was confused and upset about all the news of these fake Democrats. She was concerned that there will not be an indicator of who the fake Democrat is and even went as far as asking if I had proof I was the real candidate.
Make no mistake, this is intentional chaos being created by my opponent and the the Wisconsin Republican Party.

It is more important then ever to get our message and the truth out to people in the district.  Can you donate $50 today to help us reach more voters?

Volunteers continue to knock door-to-door and speak with friends and neighbors, and as I continue to meet hundreds of folks one-on-one and in small groups across the 13th District.  But we must also spread our message in other ways.  We need to buy radio ads and send direct mail.  This is expensive but critical to reaching a broader audience. It's particularity important in order to reach more people rural areas where it is not realistic or efficient to send volunteers door-to-door.

Please help us reach as many voters as possible by giving a donation today! A donation of $100 will allow us to send a mailing to 300 people. Can you help us reach those people?

On Wisconsin!

P.S.  You can read my full statement to the GAB today here.

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