Friday, April 06, 2012

Please Support Lori Compas for the Wisconsin State Senate!

For my friends and family in Wisconsin and across the United States.
Please support Lori Compas in her May 8, 2012 election for Wisconsin State Senate in Wisconsin's 13th Senate District!

 Find out how Lori plans to restore honesty and integrity to Wisconsin's political system.

Much more info here:
Lori Compas for Wisconsin!

A message from Lori about the upcoming primary election on May:

Don't fall for Scott Fitzgerald's tricks: The person running against me in the primary is a FAKE DEMOCRAT. His name is Gary Ellerman and he's a Fitzgerald supporter. This photo of him with Scott Fitzgerald is all over the internet -- it was taken at the 2012 Jefferson County Republicans' Lincoln Day Dinner. As you can see he has the GOP elephants on his nametag. And yet his name will be on the primary ballot with a D after it -- this is a lie, plain and simple. Please tell your friends.


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