Tuesday, November 23, 2004

how do you paint peace?

36"x29" oil on linen 2004

i find i need to look deeply into this painting to provide an antidote to the images flooding my way as i walk down the avenue. rack after newsrack, each with a front page heralding destruction. years ago i was in perth, australia reading an art review concerning an exhibition about peace. most of the images in in the show were anti-war but few if any were really about the idea of peace. the title of the review was "how do you paint peace" i have been trying to do that ever since. i think this painting is close.

i ask you:
how would you paint peace?
how would you create the idea of peace in your music? in your writing? in your life?

please send thoughts. ideas and images my way- greggchadwick@earthlink.net
i will post your dreams...


Michele said...

You have indeed captured the essence of peace and infused it with a gentle energy. I am indeed a fan.

One final comment: Hello, Michele sent me.

Now she will try and send a few more. people.

Yes Gregg, you are it!!

Samira said...

Michele Sent me too! Great blog! :)

rancette said...

Hello, Michele sent me!! Great painting, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg, Michele sent me!

I would paint the peace sign, if I wanted to paint bout peace, or maybe a picture of a Suzi Q, because it always brings peace to my stumache.

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, and have a nice weekend!


Rohit said...

I would paint peace as white flower.Somehow it makes the right emotional connections with me.

A blank page,in essence, is how one could convey peace.

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

And Michele sent me here.

Anonymous said...

peace painted: a white background, with mother holding her child in the foreground. because it is in my mothers arms that i have found true peace.

peace in music: i have found that the moods i am in are generally calmed by either pink floyd, or any classical composition played by an orchestra.

peace in writing: writing is what brings me peace. any form, any kind.

peace in life: it is something that has eluded me. and something that i hope to get at the end of it all.
because once man has achieved peace, the challenge of life is resolved. then why live ?

peace to you.
and to my sender, michele

SEV said...

p.s the above was posted by me, but this crappy blogger made it an anonymous post.
damn it to eternal unrest !


Webmiztris said...

How would I paint peace? A giant marijuana leaf... ;-)

Oh, Michele sent me!!! And nice artwork!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

Peace in music is something soothing and gentle.

Like the song that I have lyrics to on my blog template..."Lovely To See You" by the Moody Blues.

In writing it's words that convey a spirit of love and friendship among others.

Have a wonderful and peaceful day.

ShoeHound said...

Many infused muted colors of blue, green, yellow....

Hello to you - Michele sent me.

mulligan said...

Hi, Michele sent me.

All I can say is "Wow!" You're artwork is great! And I loved your responce to the National Review article.

I don't know how I personally would paint peace. If I could paint, I imagine my painting would show a tranquil nature scene with children of different nationalities playing together.

Pink Poppy said...

Wow, Gregg! Amazing! I came here in response to your post on my site, but it seems that I would have found my way here anyway through Michele. And so, I guess that you AND Michele sent me. Hello!

Your work is spectacular. I will be sure to grab a couple of friends and go see your show in Park City. One of my dearest friend's husband is one of the area's largest art collectors. Will make sure she's in the car when we go....

Denise said...

Beautiful artwork, interesting site.

And yes, Michele did send me, too.

Anonymous said...

How would I paint peace... well, if I COULD paint, I think it would be a composite portrait made up of every nationality on this planet. It would personify peace, perhaps with a dove carrying an olive branch.

Great post, and I love the colors in the painting you have shown.

And.. Michele sent me!


Anonymous said...

I don't believe I would attempt to put "peace" to canvas. To do so would be to leave out another person's ideas, dreams or hopes and we can't have peace unless we work at it collectively. (Michele sent me..might forget) To attempt to put even bits and pieces of each person's ideas of peace onto one canvas would make for chaos and then we'd have just made a step backwards.

I cannot think of any actual music that would create the idea of peace as the sounds of peace come in the forms of laughter, a hug, a kiss, a handshake, the wiping away of a child's tears and of course.. a smile. Is it possible to capture those things with musical instruments?

To have peace we must have acceptance of other's.. and perhaps there is where the art of any kind could begin.


Jenniy said...

Michele sent me! Love the painting :)

Jenniy said...

Michele sent me! Love the painting :)

anon said...

In any of these media, I (would) try to connect with myself on as genuine a level as I could. If inspiration comes from such a connection, that makes me think of peace. It is the blocking of that connection, the experience of being forced (or experiencing an attempt at such forcing, internally or externally) to accept something foreign as a substitute for that connection which strikes me as the opposite of peace on many levels. Not just war per se, but the personal/spiritual dischord that, when accumulated over a population, makes global peace so much less likely.
I think your work is beautiful, and Michelle sent me.

Isabella said...

Interesting question. I just recently read about a book compiled of children's answers to this (or a very similar) question, but darned if I can remember where...

Before you create, or paint, peace, you have to define what it is. Therein lies the rub. I think it's more abstract than any one thing that could magically bestow peace on those who lay eyes on it — not, say, a proverbial sunset or child with balloon. But...

In my mind, peace is balance. Of everything. Light-dark, good-evil, light-heavy, etc. How do you paint everything? You can't. I guess that's where you have to get symbolic.

Is your painting of peace? or of someone experiencing peace? or of a symbol meant to convey peace? is it intended as a means of peace in addition to representing it?

Musically, Erik Satie comes to mind, as peaceFUL. And Philip Glass, who maybe better demonstrates the balance of opposites I'm trying to get at.

Peace in life? Balance (all things in moderation). Achieved through awareness.

Your paintings are very evocative. Michele kinda sent me — I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Cheers.

Brandie said...

Michele sent me!

Peace in art- to me- is gentle brushstrokes, soothing tones, and evocative material.

I love your painting. It is very evocative itself.

gregg chadwick said...

such great thoughts and ideas- lets spread these dreams out into the world. i will be in the studio today attempting to wrestle this passion into my work. thank you to each of you for the hope that you carry in your being and a huge thanks to michele for directing you here.

Demented M said...

Beautiful. Thank you.


Ms Mac said...

Hello, Michele sent me too!
Have a great night!

J said...

Michele sent me and I do as she says. Beautiful piece/peace.

Anonymous said...

Michele sent me...

and wow...How would I paint or write peace? I need to think about that...

-Fran ( www.almabrilho.net )

SoB said...

It's so hard to paint peace these days when there is so much hate everywhere you look. TV, Radio, just everywhere. It's so sad.

I guess if I was to paint it, however, it would look very much like my wife and I sitting in our library sipping a nice glass of whiskey and listening to some Billie Holiday.

Oh wait, was I supposed to paint peace or heaven?

And have you ever heard of Michele? Yeah, she sent me, too.

And I LOVE that painting. Thank you.


Aldon Hynes said...

Paint a self-portrait, and paraphrase Gandhi's great quote, "Be the peace you want to see in the world".

(P.S. Michele sent me)

Alex said...

How to paint peace? All in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. Picasso cried for peace with 'Guernica,' in all it's complex and convoluted horrors.

Then, with a few lines on a napkin, he drew the 'Dove.'

In my minds eye, peace is the absence of strife. It is not the absence of diferences- they can challenge us and be learned from.

In the real world, there will always be differences of opinions and there will always be imperfect societies. That is the human condition.

To me, the best rendition of peace is one that can transport me to a place I'd like to be, a a state of mind I'd like to share.

No one image works for everyone- and that's the beauty of it all. The depiction of peace is ongoing, and a series of ever changing images, that with a bit of luck, will find us.

Alex said...

By the way, I'm glad Michele sent me.

Because of your art, I've had more to think about today than I did yesterday, and that's a good thing.

Coco Church said...

My idea of Peace...

When the sun is rising within my heart and i am filed with rays of warmth, gratitude and a love of just being.

Also when i have a pile of chocolate, some good wine and a good book (or blog) to read:)

Very inspiring and thought provoking question Gregg.
By the way, may i suggest Haloscan for your comments - you'd probably receive a lot more as it is so easy to leave a comment, much more so than using blogger. If you want to know more just stop by my site and ask and I'll point youin theright direction. It's free to - Haloscan, that is... oh, and my advice too!

PS MICHELE sent me, probably a good thing, as I may well have never found you.

MileHighDivaCyn said...

My God, man, this blog is BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely love art...of all types. MICHELE SENT ME and I am totally glad she did! WOW!
The Mile High Diva Cyndy

Paula said...

Great blog! Michele sent me...

Anonymous said...


first, Michele sent me.

second, lovely painting

how does one write peace
what pen resting in writer's hand
can produce such words to inspire
touch the depths of still humanity's waters
stir the plane of harmony
bring to the pristine surface
when such essence dwells there
only in dream and shallow hope
abiding solemn waves
breaking forth neither by written word, nor canvas painted, not art performed
only such falling as come
when the dreams of humanity
yield peaceful action
upon the plains of history

Anonymous said...

Hello Gregg, I enjoyed your blog. How I spell peace: "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee." Isa. 26:3. I'm "spelled" like that. Oh, Michele says "hi"
Good night.
Gina Renay

Anonymous said...

michele sent me. great painting

Kimberly said...


Lovely painting, interesting site. Great questions, too; I'll have to think on those and get back to you.

Kimberly said...

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Michele sent me!

Anonymous said...

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