Tuesday, November 30, 2004

two friday openings

Gregg Chadwick
new breeze, new hour
30" x 22" monotype 2004

two exhibitions open this friday with work by gregg chadwick
( i will be attending the opening in park city. hope to see you there):

the julie nester gallery in park city, utah will have its grand opening on december 3rd, 2004 from 5-8pm. 1755 b bonanza drive, park city, utah
for more info: 435 649-7855 julienester@comcast.net (see below)


the lisa coscino gallery oh so proudly presents the original works of more than 30 artists at the amazing price of $99.95. entitled: the $99.95 show. we know what you're thinking: are they mad? are they out of your artsy minds? no, sir. tis the season.yes, tis. tis, tis, tis.
for further information, please contact lisa coscino at 831.646.1939.

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