Monday, November 15, 2004

reading li po

黎明夢想 (a dream of dawn)
黎明夢想(a dream of dawn) 80"x76" oil on linen 2004

i have been reading classical chinese poetry in translation while working on this new painting.
a mix of remembered moments, music and poetry often fuels my work.

Misted the flowers weep as light dies
Moon of white silk sleeplessly cries.
Stilled - Phoenix wings.
Touched - Mandarin strings.

This song tells secrets that no one knows
To far Yenjan on Spring breeze it goes.
To you it wafts
Through the night skies.

Sidelong - Eyes. How
White tears fill now!
Heart's pain? Come see -
In this mirror with me.
-Li Po

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Dawn said...

Your painting is beautiful.