Saturday, November 20, 2004

this morning's harbor

this morning's harbor, originally uploaded by greggchadwick.

the julie nester gallery in park city, utah will have its grand opening on december 3rd, 2004 from 5-8pm. 1755 b bonanza drive, park city, utah
for more info: 435 649-7855

i am honored to have a group of paintings and works on paper in the inaugural exhibition.

my work will include "une passante" and a series of new monotypes. monotypes are prints made by painting on metal and then transferring the painting to paper by pressure. only one initial print can be run through the press and then a follow-up ghost print. the ghosts are evocative, open ended and encourage further work. "this morning's harbor" is a good example of this process.the resulting work maintains a bit of the ghost and is quite effective in conveying my artistic thoughts. these new monotypes seem to me like small dreams.


Michele said...

Everytime I visit your site I scroll down to view this piece. It is hauntingly beautiful. I love how subtle yet strong the figure seems.
You are so very talented. I am so very impressed.

Thank you Gregg for always making me smile and pause for the sake of beauty.

Anonymous said...

there is enough here to write a couple of pages..
but i wont do that!
i will say that the picture haunts.. it very simply shows the vagueness of a figure, which is all that remains at the end of this life..
but i think u already know that.