Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gregg Chadwick Interview With "Artists 4 Freedom"

I am eager to share with you an interview I did with Artists 4 Freedom on my paintings for Iran.
Artists 4 Freedom is international in scope and is located between London, Barcelona, Lisbon and Berlin,

Here's the link. Please feel free to comment on the site.

Artists 4 Freedom

They are doing important work.


Reza Sabernia said...

Gregg, your art is very original and reflective. I also admire your conscience for supporting people from other side of the globe and bearing witness for their sufferings and struggle. Thanks for being yourself.

Gregg Chadwick said...

Thanks Reza!
I know that this upcoming Saturday - July 25, 2009 the world will come out in green in support of Iran.