Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Song - ترانه - Taraneh

The Song - ترانه - Taraneh 12"x12" oil on wood 2009
The Song - ترانه - Taraneh
Gregg Chadwick
12"x12" oil on wood 2009

"First there was Neda. Then there was Sohrab. Now there is Taraneh."

"The names and stories of the Iranians who have been brutalized or killed in the aftermath of the post-election protests are gradually seeping into a memorial vault of the faces of suffering and endurance in the name of sociopolitical reform.

One by one, the faces of protest are providing an essential yearbook of the individuals who comprise the protest masses, and a catalogue of the Iranian government's treatment of political activists.

On Friday July 19, a large group of mourners gathered at the Ghoba mosque in Tehran to await a speech about the martyrs of the post-election protests by presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi. According to one Iranian blog, 28-year-old Taraneh Mousavi was one of a group of people that was arrested by plainclothesed security forces for attending the gathering.

Taraneh, whose first name is Persian for "song", disappeared into arrest."
-Shirin Sadeghi

The full, sad story at:
Taraneh: Prison Abuse of Iran's Protesters

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