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Weapons of Beauty - U2 Goes Green Again For Iran - "Sunday Bloody Sunday" in Paris & Thoughts on Sussan Deyhim and Shirin Neshat

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday in Green for Iran (Live 12 July 2009 @ Stade de France, Paris)

In their latest series of concerts before U2 breaks into Sunday Bloody Sunday, the Iranian artist Sussan Deyhim's track Beshno Az Ney can be heard. (Unfortunately it does not appear on the videos I have found. If you come across a version that includes Sussan Deyhim's intro please let me know.)
You can find the track here on itunes:
Sussan Deyhim's Beshno Az Ney

U2 Now Scrolls Rumi Poem Azadi in Solidarity With Artists 4 Freedom

Sussan Deyhim's haunting vocals grace the soundtracks to many of the moving films of Iranian-American artist Shirin Neshat.

In an interview with Tyler Green, Shirin Neshat said,"I try to find beauty in the middle of the horror, and vice versa," she says. "Sometimes, really horrible things — you can turn into a weapon of beauty."

Sussan Deyhim and Shirin Neshat
Logic of the Birds

Shirin Neshat
b/w RC print and ink
photo: Larry Burns
Courtesy Barbara Gladstone

From Le Figaro:
Après Barcelone et Milan, le groupe de rock irlandais était au Stade de France, ce 12 juillet. Pendant le concert, la scène était inondée de lumière verte, tandis qu'un poème de Rumi - poète soufi du 13ème siècle - défilait au rythme de « Sunday, bloody Sunday » (une chanson très symbolique, puisque composée à la suite d'une répression violente contre un rassemblement pacifique au Nord de l'Irlande).

Text of the Rumi Poem Here:
U2 Scrolls Rumi Poem During Barcelona Concert

July 7, 2009 Video in Milan Can Be Found Here:
U2Goes Green Again for Iran in Milan

The Call - ندا -Neda

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