Wednesday, November 17, 2004

City of Desires

City of Desires, originally uploaded by greggchadwick.

listening to pearl jam resound in a san francisco cafe. a warm fall dusk here - it somehow brings to mind the tropics. thought i would post a painting based on a time in rio. something about the brazilian air and the rich way music flows around the landscape made it into this work. love the way that brazilians realize that they are americans. not as citizens of a country but instead as part of two joined continents - the americas.

sometimes, as in this painting and dream of dawn below, i find characters creating themselves in my work. i want to discover more about them as they appear. the story will continue...

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Anonymous said...

the great thing about art is that you can find something new each time you see it!
and stories form, ideas materialize.. if i do come up with something.. i will post it to you